Saturday, January 01, 2005

HR – Blame it on the Boss…

As a HR Manager, how often have I heard the following refrain, “Tell my boss that…!”, “This course is more suited for my boss!”, “My boss is not helpful/ encouraging/ inspiring etc etc (circle whichever that applies)”. These statements come from all levels of staff.

When I talk to the officers, they frequently blame their bosses, the executives. When I talk to the execs, they will in turn blame their managers and when I talk to managers, they blame the senior managers. Amazingly, when I have talked to senior management, you would think it would stop there … but no… they blame their CEO!

It is sad that such behaviour is so endemic that it can be seen from the corporate executive to the man in the street. Where the executive blames the boss, the man in the street blames the government, the culture, their upbringing and what-have-you. When will people begin to take responsibility for their actions and begin to ask themselves what they have done (or not done) to contribute to prevailing circumstances or their own predicament?

In the corporate world, our bosses do have authority over us but in many of the “blame it on the boss” cases I have experienced, part (if not much) of the fault lies with the individual themselves. We should all be aware of the tremendous power which exists within ourselves to take charge of our destinies and change things for the better (do not mean to sound like Anthony Robbins!).

It is therefore no coincidence that many of the people who have shown a capacity for change, are adaptable and who have succeeded in their lives have also shown an ability to question how their actions have impacted outcomes.

Next time you attend a training course, seminar or workshop, listen carefully to your fellow participants. I am confident you will get someone who will point “upwards”. You may then like to point to them and ask them what they have you done about it... and look and the bewilderment in their eyes…


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