Saturday, March 26, 2005

Proof That We All Possess a Hot Ass!

No, I am not referring to “hot” in terms of sexiness but “hot” in terms of temperature. Think about the all the times we have been on the train or bus and we sit down in a seat that someone has just left. In how many of those situations did you feel yourself sitting in a seat that felt “warm” or even “hot”? The answer is probably every time correct? Assuming everyone has a “normal” body temperature of 98.4 F, how do we explain the above phenomena? Furthermore, after we have sat down for awhile, presumably, the seat will take on the approximate temperature of our own butt. And then, when we get up from the seat, the next person to sit will then feel that it is we who had the hot butt. Interesting? That’s why I think we all have a hot ass!

(Well, actually, if you think about it, air or room temperature is always going to be cooler than our body temperature. So our butts are normally acclimatized to room temperatures and we will therefore feel the “warmth” of a recently occupied seat because of the change in temperature from that of the room to that of the seat. I guess this is the real explanation but personally, I like to think that I have a hot ass!)


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